rebecca setareh


Rebecca Setareh is the creator of objects of power and impact. Rebecca received her Bachelor's in Fine Arts from the Institut des Beaux-Arts St. Luc in Liege, Belgium. Her piece "The Peacock" was awarded first place prize by Dr. Gandji, Iran's then-Minister of Education. Her work was also awarded a second place prize in a national competition juried by then-Prime Minister Hoveida and Queen Farah Diba Pahlavi. Featured in numerous exhibitions nationally, and known for her unique integration of rock and bronze, Rebecca's work has garnered the attention of a global audience.

 Her talent infuses the sculptures she creates with a sense of grace and fluidity. Her unique use of bronze in conjunction with natural stone communicates feelings of both awe and realism. In integrating crude, coarse rock with smooth, fluid bronze, Rebecca achieves the creation of an almost surreal dreamscape, where her figures tell their own stories. As a result, each artwork evokes a deep inner response from the viewer. Collectively, Rebecca's imagery works continue her love of working with nature, capturing elements of change, transformation and evolution with her driftwood photography.