nikki vismara


Nikki’s work is rooted in feelings, not specific imagery. She is interested in representing both light and dark emotions. In her artwork Nikki uses paint not only as color, but also as a means to illustrate nuanced human emotions.

The process of applying paint to canvas for Nikki is intuitive and each brushstroke is intentional. Nikki is drawn to the constant struggle of losing control then regaining control of the paint on the canvas. She continually rotates and adjusts the height of the canvas, shifts her position, and is in constant motion while painting. 

Nikki Vismara is a graduate of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she majored in Visual and Critical Studies. She completed a Master’s degree specializing in Paleolithic Art at l’Université Lumière in Lyon, France. Nikki lived in France for nearly a decade, where she taught English and Art History at the university level. In 2013, she returned to her native California, where she resides in San Francisco and works out of her studio at the Hunter's Point Shipyard.