nancy simonds


Nancy creates large-scale, abstract gouache paintings on paper and panel. In each of her Arc Sweep and Ovoid series, different arrangements of shapes and colors create a feeling of transcendent order. These images are anti-chaos, all strive for a connection to a moment for reflection, resolution and calm. Nancy’s works have luxuriant protean color and are infused with sublime, soft texture. Nancy’s art is her way of coping with the unknown and uncontrollable, and her way of discovering delight, calm and order in the middle of it all.

Each piece is an experience of exhilaration and renewal. Nancy stacks and piles simple shapes, placing, sizing and creating visual relationships that build to larger rhythms. Each shape is drawn and carved out by the edge of the brush. Her paintings work like Japanese haiku; each image is paired down to its essentials and becomes a complete world of it’s own. 

In the Ovoid series, squares without edges, Nancy plays organic shapes against the white of the background, creating tension as the ovals touch or separate in varying degrees. These images contain velvety textures and reflect the disparate edges, sizes and patterns coexisting in nature.

In the Arc Sweep series, Nancy first cuts painted shapes then builds them into fluid constructions, capturing movement on the canvas. Motion is reduced to shapes and color, the paintings simultaneously still and in motion.