marc ellen hamel


Born and raised in Seattle, Marc Ellen Hamel majored in art at the University of Washington and since then has taken numerous classes and workshops to maintain her practice. The greatest teacher for Marc Ellen is uncharted time working alone in the studio, analyzing what she creates, reflecting on her process, returning to a piece numerous times, finding a true expression.

Most of Marc Ellen’s artwork is abstract; she is fascinated by the interaction of color as well as the physical feel and look of paint. While applying pigment, creating strokes and clarify composition, an internalized landscape emerges and she works with what materializes, going back and forth between the immediate physicality of the process and her own place-memory.  Mar Ellen manifests the world of her subconscious; a place which is at once a world she is creating and one she is revisiting. Abstraction, for Marc Ellen, allows both the maker and the viewer to muse upon new places, or remember past ones.

In her early 20’s, Marc Ellen moved to the San Francisco area. She maintains a studio at Hunter’s Point Shipyard and lives in Oakland.