lola del fresno


Lola del Fresno’s work reflects the world and its fragmentary images of a filtered reality. She combines landscapes, figures and architectural structures to create multilayered life size installations and paintings. She recreate landscapes and outside realities in the space contained inside a building, a room or a public space, opening up a new space, a new reality inside an ordinary space.

The work speak to the search for permanence as we face continuous changes around us. Lola’s paintings are imbued with a powerful understanding of her subjects.  Her work is comprised of paintings, sculptures, and video installations exploring real figures. No poses are involved. The subjects reveal their true nature in a free and unconscious way. 

Lola works with mixed materials. Her paintings are mostly water-based media. She works on large scale images to convey a more realistic approach to the subject. In her later series she also includes plaster sculptures, each of which is rooted in questions of childhood, growth and purity.

Lola del Fresno was born in Madrid and studied in the University of Fine Arts in Madrid. She exhibited in several galleries in Madrid, Bilbao and was part of Art Fairs like Estampa in Madrid, Korea and Art LA in Los Angeles. Lola moved to New York in 1997 and since then her work has been recognized internationally, showing in galleries in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Milan and New York.

“The work describes the constant battle of the senses, the tension inside. The duality that exists in our physical condition: spirit and material, perishable and eternal. The individual and the sense of individuality, appears and then disappears with the current loss of identity.  The head remains open, without a limit line. In this way, I integrate in the image the abstract nature of the mind.” - Lola del Fresno