john luckett


Born in Humboldt, Tennessee, in 1951, John Luckett works predominantly in the medium of painting but has amassed a body of work that includes photography, assemblage, drawing and sculpture.

In his abstract, expressionist and primitive work, which forms the core of his practice, his bold use of primary colors and organic shapes combine to construct kinetic explosions of color, establishing an upbeat and lively mood, and projecting an ambivalent sense of optimism and joy. John’s work is often composed of blocks of color and layers of similar and opposing hues, creating aesthetically pleasing puzzles.

John’s more personal bodies of work reveal a quieter, more contemplative side, exploring various subject matters to create thoughtful reflections on contemporary existence and our relationships with the natural world.

His work is included in both public and private art collection in the United States, Europe and Asia. Since the late 1990s, John has had several solo gallery showings and his design work is included in the permanent library of the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC.