joey delgato


Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Joey Delgato is a self taught artist who combines Pop Art, Graffiti-Street Art within his hard-edged, painterly style. Pop-surrealism meets contemporary De Stijl style as Delgato displays a cohesive spatial harmony on canvas while retaining the hard-edge element of the street.

Delgato's work demonstrates usage of classical geometric abstraction and surreal elements which make the work difficult to define. He nevertheless he has built a following of collectors who appreciate his unique approach to art, be it on panel or on the street.

Joey's work is inspired by classical renaissance art and fused with a Punk aesthetic. The work is a representation of life and death: what happens when we die, where do we go? We humans are civilized animals that retain pre-enlightened animal instincts, instincts that are at times uncontrollable. Joey combines human and animal forms: the tattoo-art style and Asian aesthetic of this work reflect our desire to connect with the spirit animal within us.