deborah lynn irmas


Each piece from the Unbroken series is layers upon layers of Scotch tape and India ink.

It's a process that developed originally from work with one piece of Scotch tape. Although works in the Unbroken series are quite active and busy, the works posses an intense, meditative quality.

The Not Lost series was also created from Scotch tape, albeit without using Scotch tape. Deborah has re-created the patterns from the Unbroken series by placing a sheet of plexiglass on a work from the Unbroken series then transcribing the outlines with paint or marker. These works also have a meditative quality.

Both the Unbroken and the Not Lost series are related by their common element: tape. These artworks represent emotions surrounding relationships, and the “broken” feelings associated with dysfunctional relationships. While working through emotions associated with difficult relationship, one realizes one is not lost and not broken after all.