darthea cross


As with all Darthea’s work, her abstracted landscapes are a visual chronicle of her continued exploration of the deep silence within nature as well as the serenity of the human condition. To the artist, these moments of quietude offer a glimpse, a refection, of the profound wholeness of which everything is a part. Whether observing a rock crevice or a distant view of a mountain peak, Darthea is intrigued by the interplay of color and line in each of the elements.

Darthea’s paintings begin by interpreting nature and remaining within the natural context. In most of her work, a authentic contour line provides an entry point for the viewer; other lines establish a sense of the abstract by creating enlarged or formless spaces. Similarly, the color scheme originates in nature but is not confined to it.

As Darthea creates work, she is reliving her walks in nature - the location of the subject matter - and is reminded of the duality between the fragility of nature and its magnitude. Her paintings capture those dual forces while conveying nature’s equanimity.