carol gander


Carol is particularly attracted to the concept of “photography as drawing with light” since her interest in the practice began with capturing the ways in which light falls on objects in the landscape, sometimes revealing and sometimes obscuring their forms, rhythms, patterns and colors. 

Carol sees nature as an active partner in her work. She seeks order in seeming chaos and has studied the same landscape through different seasons, weather and varying times of day. Carol explores the effects of water, specifically the ocean and its tidal movements, on the land under the water and adjacent to it.

The marks that are the subject matter of the photographs in the “Constructed Horizons” series were made by nature: wind, waves and storms acting on the paint applied to boat hulls. Each year a new layer of paint is added to renew the boat’s defenses against the ocean and its living organisms. The boats show the scars of their time in the water.

Each photograph records the marks of the sea. Depending on the nature of the marks, colors and the light at the moment the photograph is made, the waterline of the boat is transformed into a horizon line and the resulting seascape/landscape is constructed in the mind of the viewer.