beth dacey


Each painting for Beth begins with a vintage black and white photograph that captures an incidental moment in time. The shadows, poses, and fragments from a forgotten past are compelling to her; and while she paints from a record of someone else’s gaze, the images pass through Beth and become hers. As each painting evolves from her choice of color, stroke, perspective and composition, she create personal context and meaning. While Beth is interested in the nonverbal aspect of memory, in a personal way, she am intrigued by the collectiveness if it.  Beth imbues her paintings with universal stories.

In this series, Beth establishes complexity and poignancy in the figures.  In the work exists a bit of fear and confusion being masked by false bravado and play-acting. Beth reveals this pretense in gestures, in hands holding onto a drink or cigarette, slipped into a pocket, or in shoulders held in mimicked poses. The subjects identity of glamour and confidence seems borrowed, like fantasies projected outward, away from the internal insecurities living in a complicated, modern world.

Beth Dacey has studied painting privately, as well as at the museum schools at the DeCordova in Lincoln, MA and at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  She has a BA and MA, both in English, from Boston College and, for a number of years, taught writing and literature there. She am a member of the SOWA Artists Guild and Copley Society of Art, lives in Boston and is a full time painter at her studio in the South End.